¿Dónde hay agua? (Wonder Readers Spanish Emergent)

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This science series answers this and other questions about how materials can be changed from one form to another. Each book examines materials we commonly encounter and explores their properties through practical and familiar examples. Why are forests disappearing? How can air pollution be reduced?

This timely seriesintroduces children to key environmental issues of the 21st century. With a strong focus on ecological issues and practical hands-on experiments to reinforce content, the striking images and vibrant design will keep young readers engaged. Reports, fascinating facts, examples, diagrams, and quotations engage and motivate the reader.

Each title is structured into chapters and uses a variety of text types. Thesimple text explains common activities while the clear images can stimulate thought and discussion about mentaland physical differences. Each book uses playful, engaging illustrations to show situations that demonstrate positive behavior.

The books end by asking students to wonder how they may behave to demonstrate each characteristic. Key citizenship topics are explored in each title, explanations are provided about why certain behaviors and traits are important, and readers are prompted to think about relevant issues and how they would and should behave in specific situations. Learn about the differentways people play music, how homes are different in each climate, games that are familiar to every culture, and muchmore.

Books in this series show that no matter where youlive, all communities share common features and ritualsto daily life. The books focus on the duties, equipment, and clothing used by each in their jobs and also the training that one needs to do the job. Bright photos help explain what people and objects can be found in each locale.

Very simple text combined with correlating and colorful images for shipping inwill both inform and strengthen reading skills. Aligned to Common Core Standards and January correlated to state standards. Complete with a More Facts section andbolded glossary terms. Young readers will gather basicinformation about each holiday through easy-to-read,simple text alongside beautiful, historic and present dayphotographs. I Martin Luther King Jr.

Focus is placed on how a child would experience the celebration, looking at the season, the main features, and—where applicable—the religion that celebrates it. Martin Luther King, Jr. Readers will explore the history of each day and learn the reasons why it is important and even find out why there is no school on some of these days. Young readers will gather basicinformation about each mode of transportation through easy-to-read, simple text alongside beautiful, full-bleed, full-colorphotographs. Getting Around This series explores the subject of transportation on a global level, featuring photographs of people usingtransportation from around the world and detailed maps of different regions.

The photographs give children a senseof how people move about and live in the world, providing opportunities for further discussion of world culture. The simple text and pictures take students on a tour of the farm, showing the jobs that must be done, the changing seasons, and how food gets from the farm to your plate.

Each title introduces readers to a specific aspect: from crops, to live stock, to buildings, and more! Young readers will gather basic information about each farm title through easy-to-read, simple text alongside beautiful, full-bleed, full-color photographs. Readers zero in on renownedplants, animals, weather, landforms, landmarks, and other special features such as important cities.

Extensive use ofmaps helps readers recognize each continent while reinforcing information about the continent. Whileusing clues to discern the featured location, readers will learn about the unique features found in each country,including landmarks, food, and culture. Content is written at a lower reading level for less able readers, whileplentiful photos, maps, fact files, and timelines provide varied resources for learning.

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From: John F. Kennedy John F. Roosevelt Franklin D. Kennedy I www.

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However,Hispanic-American men and women have always figured prominently inour history, as this series demonstrates. Each title looks at an important time in thehistory of the United States and introduces readers to a famous person. Readers will discover how each of thesepeople changed life in the United States.

Roosevelt y la Gran Depresión Franklin D. Anthony y el movimiento por los derechos de la mujer O Susan B.

Learn aboutthese important people and what they were like. Find out why that person will always be remembered. Each book begins by defining a specific symbol before focusing on its history and significance. A simple timeline and facts section help pull it all together. Through clear, concise text, each book explores the structure, function, and responsibilities of each branch of the government.

Books include vivid photographs, maps, and charts. What's the Bill of Rights? O What's the Bill of Rights? What is the U. O What's the U. What's the Supreme Court? N What's the Supreme Court? O What's the Declaration of Independence? What's the State Judicial Branch? O What's the State Judicial Branch? O What's a Mayor? What's a Mayor? What's Congress? N What's Congress? What's a City Council? O What's a City Council?

How the Universe is Way Bigger Than You Think

What's a Governor? O What's a Governor? What's government? N What's Government? O What's a President and Vice President?

El amor vuelve en navidad: un romance de época de autor Amaya Evans descargar pdf gratis

What are Elections? O What Are Elections? What Are the Amendments? O What Are the Amendments? Capitol V La bandera The U. Stay Safe HealthWhat should you do if a stranger asks for help? How should youcross a busy road with your bike?

Descargar El amor vuelve en navidad: un romance de época epub gratis

Books in this series introducechildren to key safety topics. Vivid, playful illustrations engagechildren in the material. A list of safety rules is included at theend of each book. This series focuses on our five senses and the sensoryorgans associated with each. This series provides anexcellent introduction to the function, appearance, and purposeof some important parts of the human body. With simple text,vivid photographs, and detailed diagrams, each book exploresone organ and its role in a healthy life. Each title in this series educates young readers on how foods fuel the body and on the benefits of exercise, personal hygiene, and staying safe.

Schaefer Alimentos saludables Healthy Food N Ejercicio Exercise N Mantenerse fuera de peligro Staying Safe N Mantenerse sano Staying Healthy N Sistemas del cuerpo Body Systems Your body is amazing! These parts work together to keep you alive and help you to do incredible things. P Me Burp? This series explores common recreational activities and teaches how these activities affect the body, how children can safely participate in sports, and how eating well and exercising regularly contribute to a healthy life.

Identifica la forma Spot the Shape MathematicsBooks in this series introduce children to different shapes in a range of situations. Each book uses simple, patternedtext to teach children basic vocabulary and includes stunning photographs that show how shapes can be found inmany places.